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    December 3, 2012
    11:30 - 12:00pm PST  

captioned by closed captioning services, inc. no class at a marin county school only cleaning. classrooms, offices and library soaked. weekend storms left a big mess forcing cancellation of classes today. good morning i'm
cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. more rain is headed our way. we start with live doppler, we are definitely in between systems. we are dealing with drier air today. clouds are starting to thin we may dry a little this time of the year the angles so low we need a dry to dry the ground which we are not going to get. nearly three inches south bay, nearly four oakland and san francisco more napa, fairfield, seven inches to nearly eight around san rafael and santa rosa that's why we are concerned about chance of rain especially north bay mountains up to 2 1/2 inch there is, inch and a half south by 3/4 of an inch for the rest of us. we'll look at our rivers and see how they are doing when we come back. hundreds of children in fairfax are waiting to find out when they will be able to attend school.
white hill middle took severe damage from the storm. >> reporter: good morning. cleanup crews just awried just beyond that administrators and outside -- consultants are meeting to decide their next steps, their first steps in the cleanup process exploring how to operate the school without an entire building. three big storms filled this little culvert behind white hill middle school causing extensive flooding over the weekend. >> we have four classrooms fairly filled with debris and mud. we'll need structural support along with our main administrative offices and our library. >> reporter: the building is only 10 years old. administrators face having to tear out floors and possibly the walls. >> we anticipate that flooring will be replacement depending upon what the damage is -- it is going up the wall, we hey need to remove furniture that
is attached to the wall. and do some additional work. >> reporter: as the assessing begins classes were cancelled for all 620, sixth through eighth grade students. >> we spent three hours yesterday our whole team managing what we could do. >> reporter: it is always -- >> it is always hard to chess a school never an easy decision to make i am we thought long and hard. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me the good news is insurance will cover the cost. if administrators get their way, school will be back in session tomorrow, with or without the use of those four classrooms. kira klapper, abc7 news. storm damage in the east bay repairs underway in lafayette after a road collapsed severing gas, water and sewer lines. surprisingly, neighbors say the problem may be a blessing in disguise.
amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> reporter: they are trying to find the positive in this. behind me is a pretty big hassle for people wanting to get through this street this street is a neighborhood street and has turned into a busy one some wholy here are calling this a blessing. -- some who live here are calling this a blessing. this hole forced people to try out their new normal today they have a detour. >> it is extraordinary. i know it is going to add another 5 to 10 minutes of driving everyday, each direction to get him to school. i can't imagine for everyone else i am >> reporter: city leaders say it will be this way for sometime. >> this -- this will not be used until spring or summer. >> reporter: they spent last night and this morning focusing on getting people's utilities. when the road collapsed it is ver essential water and sewage lines. -- crews put temporary crews
in place to get water to which worked. >> it was weak i wouldn't want to do that everyday but it was there >> reporter: next on the list to build a temporary storm drain then they will come up with a permanent solution which will take several months to come phraoeplt the thought of living with this giant hole is unnerving to some. >> a little terrifying. i know that people are working on it, i've got confidence in the city to take care of. >> reporter: others are looking at the positive this shortcut to downtown through their neighborhood has been severed. >> all the traffic comes through, nobody stops at the signs, dangerous for the kids. >> the good news is that everybody who list in the vicinity can still get to work or school by taking a short detour of a block and a half. >> reporter: there were a handful of people up the hill who didn't have water this morning. one of residents told me 15 minutes ago, their water came back on. lafayette city officials say
they have five million dollars in their rainy day fund thanks to this rainy day they will get this fixed. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. slippery roads likely caused a serious accident along a busy stretch of highway 24 in contra costa county that injured three firefighters yesterday. they are all veterans of the moraga orinda fire department. two are expected to undergo surgery many all will recover. -- . all will recovery. the firefighters were responding to one accident another car veered to the shoulder, hitting them and overturning on the side of the freeway as you can see. two others were taken to john muir medical center in critical. pg&e still trying to restore power to 2,000 bay area homes and business. biggest outage south bay nearly 600 customers in the
dark. north bay more than 500 without power. about the same in the east bay. pg&e crews say they hope they will have power restored to everybody by tomorrow morning. at the peak of the storm nearly 340,000 customers were without power across the bay area. >> with more rain expected, stay with abews for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the storms any time with live doppler at in morning police are still looking for a suspect involved in the city's first homicide in 40 years. police released this sketch over the weekend of a man described as white or hispanic, early 20s, dark hair and dark eyes. investigators say that person was involved in the murder of the former owner of the mountain winery early friday morning. his wife called polic- reporting an intruder. his wife said the suspect killed her husband, attacked her and ransacked the couple's
home. two chp officers recovering after flipping their car during a high speed chase in livermore this morning this is video from the scene at altamont pass. you can see the chp car is overturned on its roof, investigators say the officers were chasing a speeding driver through a construction zone at north flynn when they crashed. stockton and tracy chp took over the chase and arrested the still ahead, will the nation's highest court take up the issue of same-sex? the new plan to appease critics. san francisco central subway plan the change now being proposed by the head of muni. it is an oh my gosh moment! the royal baby
california's legal battle for marriage equality will have to wait for now. this morning the u.s. supreme court took no action on prop 8. the justices were expected to announce whether they will review the legality of prop 8. the high court also took no action on several cases involving the u.s. defense of marriage act which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. the next conference will take place try day oscar grant case in court again today unarmed oakland man shot to death by police
officer johannes mehserle in 2009. officers for other officers involved in that shooting are appealing a federal judge's ruling they are not immune from liability in the family's civil suit against bart. the jury found mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter. head of muni has a plan to appease critics of the city's central subway plan. muni chief wants to extent the central line through chinatown north along stockton street into north beach. he wants a station built at old pagoda theater on columbus and powell. north beach residents have been vocal about the disruption. the current plan calls for tunneling to extend into the area so drilling boards can be brought to the surface, but -- but it does not include a station there. he says depends on funding. the white house is waiting for the next move from
congressional republicans. the president released this new campaign-style video overnight calling for tax relief for working families. both sides remain far apart. without a deal, nearly every american will pay more income tax between $2,000 and $2400 for the average family. democrats want tax increases to kick in for the wealthy. republicans have drawn a line in the sand on raising tax rates. in less than an hour the moraga teen denied an eagle scout award because he's gay will be honored by the california state assembly. by openly gay assembly speaker john perez. ryan spent 10 years working to earn his award but was denied. his mother started an online petition drive to try to quinn the organization to reverse their -- to convince the organization to reverse their decision. now to the royal baby news
that is creating a buzz worldwide. the future king of england and his beautiful bride are expecting a prince or princess. the royal palace made the announcement this morning after the duchess was admitted to a london hospital with a severe bout of morning sickness. news comes a year and a half after they tied the knot. the office says the child will be behind prince william in the line of succession to the throne. the rumor mills have been going overtime. congrats. hello mike you are checking out what is going on outside. definitely have sunshine, definitely drier weather another temporary break in our unsettled weather pattern more wet weather tuesday too wednesday, extended of dry weather after that. a warning for anybody who drinks out of the tap. what researchers are finding in the water and how it could
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samples geared by curiosity indicate there may be organic compounds on the planet this morning nasa said curiosity's discovery of chemical diversity in the soil what the agency called a solid baseline for continued exploration. the two and a half build curiosity landed on mars in august the mission is to determine whether mars has ever been able to support microbial life. ancient stream bed where water may have flowed thousands of years ago. word of warning on what may be found in tap water. researchers at american college of allergy, asthma and i amology have discovered traces of -- pesticide in tap water which could be killing bacteria in humans that help fight food allergies. the pesticide could be eliminate good backer to -- good bacteria that could explain were americans suffer from allergies.
bacteria keeps immune systems healthy. another recall issued for item sold at trader joe stores. recalling nearly 5,000 pounds of frozen buttered chicken with basmati rice because of listeria concerns. product code on your screen. they have a lot number of 3512, recall is latest to hit trader joe's stores. recalls for organic peanut butter and barbecue chicken salad earlier this year. we'll have those numbers on our website. a lot of folks happy for the opportunity to dry off a little many >> we need it. >> put the umbrella away for a day. don't get used it to. the next system isn't going to be like anything we dealt with friday nor yesterday but will be a nuisance for a couple of commutes. we'll show what is going to
happen to our rivers as they came close, some, to reaching flood stage. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning some of the haze, high clouds indicating another system is on its way to the bay area. within more advantage point, from live doppler 7 hd you can see how clear the air is, still spinning on top of mount st. helena, still waiting on next storm which could bring rain as early as tonight to the north bay. napa river, flood stages 25 feet, notice the trend, dropping, continuing to drop, a little spike with the rain the next couple of days not close to where we were, you will see little spikes everywhere, napa river st. helena downward trend here to normal russian river at guerneville you can see downward trend, a little spike, getting nowhere near that 30 foot crest that we are looking at, as we head towards heels burke, you can see the flood
stage, let's talk about right now, still 48 san rafael, thick fog this morning, rest of us in the 50s, monterey bay bay 52 santa cruz mid to upper 50s the rest of the bay also inland. we'll have high clouds and sun today, a break, then wet weather comes in tomorrow for wednesday once we get past that we could 10, 14 days of rain-free weather. here's what is happening, high pressure now directing clouds over top of us, keeping next storm at bay for now. warm front that comes with the first initial wave of wet weather during the overnight, north bay, rest of us scattered sprinkles, maybe drizzle along the coast for tomorrow's morning commute, scattered light rain until we get to noon, steadier rain starts to move into the heart of the bay east bay and south bay not best chance until later in the afternoon during the overnight hours, all of us
get a light to moderate rain that will hang out through the morning rushing wednesday that's when i think we'll have the hardest time getting around, wednesday m/=-? nature, very impressive totals for any other system except coming on the heels of these last two, biblical, no? but close to re#mñ book something we'll keep an eye on and watch. 3/4 of an inch possible, highest to an inch in half north bay. here's a look at what is going on tuesday, wednesday, unsettled weather. thursday through sunday, dry. temperatures chose to average near 60 coast, low to mid 60s for rest of us. you guys have to watch this one. seaworld in orlando, florida says it has no plans to change its dolphin exhibit after a young georgia girl got bitten. home video shot by jillian's
dad shows the dolphin lunge -- luging out of the water and biting her hand. she was -- she suffered dime-sized bites but says she is okay. >> just little carton i put the fish in, fed him all and pulled it and raised it up when the dolphin saw he got me and bit me and ate the carton. >> what did that feel like? >> it really, really hurt. >> her parents don't plan to sue seaworld. seaworld says safety is paramount and they take the situation very seriously. pope benedict xvi gets a new handle on reaching out to a younger generation. >> how the pontiff will let his fingers do the talking. it's the little thingsgs in lie that make me smile.
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coming up at 3:00 on katie, john walsh. then at 4:00, the simple thing
women can do to improve their brain's health. at 5:00, detroit's mayor comes to town to settle the world series wager he made with san francisco. you will see who will benefit the most from his friendly bet. those stories and more later today. >> i think cheers a charity angle. it only took a few hours this morning for pope benedict to become one of the biggest celebrities on twitter. >> the vatican8>xeo launched the pope's new personal twitter account. he already has at last 196,000 followers. >> the handle pope is taken. >> he is not going to answer every message he will